Decor stores across the United States are having a sale on Christmas decorations, and if you’re looking to sell a few decorations at a time, you might want to consider buying a bunch of them at once.

    Christmas decor is a relatively new product, and it’s growing rapidly in popularity.

    Last year, Christmas decor sales totaled $3.9 billion, a 7.3 percent increase over last year.

    A recent report by the National Retail Federation found that Christmas decorations accounted for 16 percent of the retail sales in 2014.

    The number of people buying Christmas decorations has also risen.

    According to a 2013 survey conducted by the Consumer Electronics Association, 24 percent of Americans said they purchased a gift ornaments last year, up from 19 percent in 2007.

    The trend is likely to continue.

    “I think the demand for these items is continuing to increase,” said Lisa McInnis, senior director of research and analytics at Retail Buyer Services, a business research firm.

    “They’re not going away.”

    The average price for a box of 24 Christmas decorations at one of the major Christmas decoration retailers, Lowe’s, is $4,000.

    The average price of a box is $25,000 at a store like Home Depot.

    For a Christmas tree, a box can cost up to $1,500.

    “People are buying a lot of decorations these days,” McInnes said.

    “The demand is so great, you’re going to see more people buying.

    It’s just a matter of how quickly that demand can translate into sales.”

    The Christmas decorations are selling quickly at some of the largest and most respected retailers in the United State.

    The most popular sellers are Sears and Lowe’s.

    Sears has the largest online sales of any major retailer in the country, with a total of nearly $1.4 billion in sales last year — and it also had the most Christmas decorations sold in the U.S. last year with about $2.5 billion.

    Lowe’s reported $2 billion in Christmas sales in 2015, according to the company’s Christmas Catalog website.

    The company also has a massive Christmas catalog, with more than 800,000 items.

    McInnis said that because of the popularity of the Christmas decorations in the past few years, the prices are now going up faster than they used to.

    “There is more demand for Christmas decor than ever before,” McIngnis said.

    “You’re going, ‘Oh my God, how do I get this in the mail?

    How can I get it here in the time?'” said Jennifer Leong, a 24-year-old decorator from Chicago.

    “People are just getting more and more creative.

    They’re just taking things that are popular and adding new things.

    There’s just something to it.”

    In addition to the popular items, there are also a number of inexpensive decorations on the market.

    In addition to Christmas decorations that you can buy at Home Depot, a number are available online at Amazon and other online retailers.

    You can even get your own Christmas tree ornament.

    Leong said that she’s been looking for a Christmas ornament for the past three years, but she hasn’t found anything.

    “You can’t find a Christmas Ornament for less than $20,” Leong said.

    It’s not just a Christmas decoration you can sell at the end of the year.

    If you’re thinking about buying a decorative storage box, you should consider other items as well.

    You might be able to find a new Christmas tree at the Christmas market or online for a discounted price, as Leong is able to.

    “If you’re trying to sell something at Christmas and you don’t have the money, you can get a free Christmas tree,” Leung said.

    If you can’t afford to buy all of the decorations for a particular box, then you might consider buying them individually.

    “Just make sure you buy the right ones, and then just get some others for your garage, or for your backyard, and just hang them up in the garage,” Mc Innis said, adding that the decorations are just as valuable as any other items in your garage.

    Christmas decorations can be purchased at most stores, including Lowe’s and Home Depot; however, the most popular retailers are the Sears and Home Depots.

    Lowe is the most widely known in the Christmas decor business, but there are others.

    The stores are mostly owned by the Sears brand, but Home Depot is a separate company.

    “The company’s brand name has changed and they’re still part of the Sears,” Mc Ingnes said, noting that the company doesn’t own the store itself.

    “Home Depot is really just Sears.”

    Leong and Leong are part of a growing group of decorators that are using their skills as decorators to create more customized Christmas decorations.

    “My main job is making these beautiful things for my family,” Leongs said.

    Leongs said that, although she has been making


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