The world is in a great position right now to turn back the tide of radical Islamism and bring peace to the Middle East.

    That is what we need to do.

    We need to build a new Middle East that is not the world we left it.

    We are not going to win the war on terror without defeating radical Islam.

    That’s why the President of the United States has put out a declaration of war against ISIS.

    President Trump is going to defeat ISIS.

    He’s going to turn this evil ideology of extremism against us, not by destroying it, but by standing up to it and defeating it.

    The President has laid out a strategy that’s going after ISIS with the strongest possible coalition, including the United Nations and the Arab League.

    This is a battle that will not be won without the full support of the American people.

    And he has the backing of the most powerful military in the world.

    This fight is not just about winning the war, but about turning the tide in the right direction, the right way, in a way that will allow us to win peace in the Middle Eastern region and turn back ISIS.

    This administration is also putting together a plan to address the refugee crisis.

    The plan is clear.

    We want to do all we can to help those who are fleeing war and persecution.

    The administration is taking steps to expedite the return of those who have been displaced by the Syrian conflict and other humanitarian crises, including resettling 100,000 Syrian refugees, which would be the largest resettlement program in American history.

    President Donald Trump and his administration are working closely with the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada, and many other countries to ensure that we have a stable, secure, and safe region in the middle east.

    We have a shared responsibility to the Syrian people, to our NATO allies, and to our Arab allies to address this crisis, to ensure peace in this region, and for the safety of Americans and our friends in the region.

    We’re also working with our European allies to create a permanent safe zone, so that all Syrians are safe and able to return to their countries.

    The United States and our allies will not stand idly by while radical Islam takes over this region.

    And this administration is working on a strategy to bring peace and stability to Syria, including a return of the Syrian refugees to their homes.

    This includes establishing safe zones, with our allies providing security, and the United Nation Security Council issuing a new set of resolutions to address refugee crises.

    In addition, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey have pledged $1 billion to help refugees in Syria.

    The Secretary of State is also in regular contact with the Arab and Gulf states to find common ground, as well as with the other countries of the region to build the necessary institutions to manage this crisis.

    In a region where religious extremism and radicalism are at the heart of the problem, President Trump has set the stage for a real, lasting peace in Syria, one that is inclusive, stable, and just.

    In this respect, he’s succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

    He has restored our country to its rightful place as the leader of the free world, and has done so with the support of his countrymen and women.

    President Bashar al-Assad is on the verge of surrendering and abandoning Syria.

    He and his regime have been stripped of their power and are on the brink of becoming a global pariah.

    The international community must respond to this grave situation.

    President Barack Obama’s approach to Syria is to work with the Syrian regime to achieve a political settlement, while pursuing a diplomatic solution through an inclusive and political process.

    In recent weeks, the President and Secretary of Defense have spoken by telephone, held a joint press conference, and made joint statements.

    These efforts to move forward have yielded positive results.

    The regime’s forces have been severely degraded and many of their chemical weapons have been destroyed.

    The world has heard the Administration’s call for the regime to stop its violence and ensure its people a future.

    The Administration is also working to prevent chemical weapons from falling into the hands of terrorist groups, which the Syrian government has long opposed.

    President George W. Bush, during his final weeks in office, worked with the Assad regime to negotiate a peace agreement.

    The Syrian regime has agreed to negotiate and implement the most recent agreement, and is now leading a process to form a transitional government.

    That transitional government will include representatives of all the parties to the conflict, including moderate rebels and the Syrian army.

    There are already some signs of progress in that process, and President Assad is now working with the international community to reach a settlement that would include a political transition.

    As the Secretary of the Army stated on Sunday, President Assad and the Assad government are on a path toward a political agreement.

    President Obama, through his administration, is also actively working with partners around the world to bring an end to the violence in Syria and to bring about a peaceful and inclusive political transition in Syria that can lead