By now you’ve probably seen the Christmas tree that appears in the background of many Christmas videos.

    And you may have noticed it looks like a tree.

    But the reason you may not see it in your living room is because it’s not a tree, and it’s a fake.

    The tree is actually a set of lights that decorate the inside of a glass window.

    It’s called the “Lunar Lantern” and it works by using artificial light from a “lunar lantern.”

    The real-life Lunar Lantern is not as easy to spot, but here’s a look at what the LED light does inside of the glass window:When a light is turned on, it will emit a laser that causes light to reflect off the top of the window.

    The reflection of light off the window can be seen in the above photo.

    The LED light that is attached to the window is actually not the actual lighting inside the window, it’s just an artificial light that’s being used to create the illusion of a tree inside the glass.

    But you can still tell that it’s the real thing because the light comes from inside the windows.

    You can get more info about the Lunar Lantern at: