If you love to decorate your bathroom or living room, here are some ideas for your 2018/19 season.


    Bathroom walls.

    These can be painted in different shades of red, orange, yellow, and purple. 


    Bathrooms with high ceilings. 


    Bath rooms with tall ceilings. 


    Bath room furniture that is designed to be used in a way that is relaxing. 


    Bathtub linens that can be used to make bedsheets, pillows, or pillows that are designed to have a soft feel and a touch of color.6.

    Bath tubs that have an elasticity to them that allow you to slip them in your pocket.7.

    Bathtubs that have a “lid” that can hold an item or items for easy storage. 


    Bath towels that are shaped like a cross with one side being white and the other side being pink.9.

    Bath flooring with a pattern that has some stripes, some patterning, or some shapes that look like flowers.10.

    Bath mirror that can mirror your personality.11.

    Bath soap that can give you a nice wash and dry effect.12.

    Bath water dispensers that can dispense bath water. 


    Bath mats that can make bedding for you and your pets.14.

    Bath products that you can put in your hair and put on your face to give you that natural glow and glow-in-the-dark look. 


    Bath accessories that you like to wear and use that have something special about them.16.

    Bath towel holders that can hang on your wall to be held in your hands.17.

    Bath mirrors that are reflective and have a special design.18.

    Bath bath toys that you want to use on your childrens toys.19.

    Bath decor for your living room.20.

    Bath curtain holders that you need to hang on to the wall.21.

    Bath curtains that have patterns or designs that look a lot like flowers and can also have the shape of a cross or a flower.22.

    Bath toys that are fun and are meant to be played with.23.

    Bath makeup and bath supplies that can help make your home more beautiful and inviting.24.

    Bath teddy bears that you will love to have with you when you’re with your family.25.

    Baths that are large enough to hold an actual bath tub. 


    Bath floors that have the feel of a large room.27.

    Bath ceilings that have high ceilings that allow for a more natural feeling.28.

    Bath door handles that are placed in a different location to make them easier to reach.29.

    Bath decorations that you love. 


    Bath chairs that are meant for a specific purpose. 


    Bath rugs that are used to clean your bedroom or bathroom. 


    Bath sinks that are a bit larger than a regular toilet bowl and have an additional surface area to absorb your body heat. 


    Bath mugs that you really like to drink from. 


    Bath and spa supplies that you are looking for. 


    Bath soaps that are made from natural ingredients. 


    Bath pillows and blankets that are not just decorative. 


    Bath clothes that are also meant to keep you warm in the winter. 


    Bath shampoo and conditioner that you don’t want to have to use often. 


    Bath teacups and other utensils that are perfect for a family room or party. 


    Bath candles that can light up the house. 


    Bath plants that can grow and grow. 


    Bath bowls that are the perfect size for a bathtub. 


    Bath masks that are so soft that you’ll need to use them every day. 


    Bath storage containers that are always filled with water.45.

    Bath robes that can keep you comfortable and look good in your bathrobe. 


    Bath bedding that you wear on your body all the time. 


    Bath lids that have some sort of design on them. 


    Bath cots that you could use to sleep in. 49.

    Bath cushions that can support your body. 


    Bath linens with designs that you might like to keep. 


    Bath sheets that you would love to use in your bed. 


    Bath vanity decorations that look fun and stylish. 


    Bath shower curtain covers that can stay in place for hours. 


    Bath sheet masks that you wouldn’t mind having to use every day, but that are too hard to wear. 


    Bath trays that are bigger than a bath tub, but still small enough to be in your closet or bathroom cabinet. 


    Bath toothbrushes that you know are really good. 


    Bath vacuums that are great for removing waste from your house.