A bathroom wall can be a big deal in your home, whether it’s your kitchen, your bedroom, or a dining room table.

    You may be thinking, How can I decorate a bathroom wall that I don’t have any idea what to do with?

    Well, you can’t really, but if you’ve got the materials, a few simple DIY projects are all you need.

    Here’s what you need to know to get started.

    How to Make Bathroom Walls from ScratchThe first thing you need is a shower.

    A shower is a water feature in a bathroom that helps create an extra space in your bathroom that is free from debris.

    Here are some basic steps to make a shower wall.1.

    Get the materials you need:1.

    Start by grabbing a couple of pieces of fabric.

    You can find some pretty cheap shower curtains, or you can buy a good pair of old-fashioned ones.

    The fabric you’ll need is called a curtain.

    I like to use the one from the fabric store, which sells it in a variety of colors.2.

    Lay out the curtain pieces, and then trace the lines with a pencil, so you can make sure the curtains are straight.3.

    Cut out the curtains.

    Here, I used a pencil to trace a line in a fabric piece that will create the curtain.4.

    Start attaching the curtains to the curtain piece.

    To attach the curtains, you’ll first need to cut them in half, so that you can attach them to the fabric piece.

    I cut mine to make them a bit longer so that I could attach them with a belt clip.

    I also cut the curtain to create a little bit of a gap between the curtain and the fabric, so I could put the belt clip in it.5.

    Then, attach the curtain clips to the shower curtain piece, and you’re done!

    I have a shower curtain that I used to decorate my bathroom for my wedding and it was a huge help.

    I was able to hang a shower lamp on top of it, so it looked beautiful and it stayed dry.6.

    You’ll need a few more pieces of curtain to complete the shower wall, like the curtain that will be on top.

    Here is what I have:1 .

    The shower curtain.

    This is a good piece of fabric, which will help attach the shower to the bath.

    I bought this curtain in the fabric department of my local fabric store.2 .

    The curtain on top that will hang over the bathtub.

    It’s a really big piece of curtain, so this will hang on top so that the shower will sit perfectly on top!

    It’s very sturdy and easy to attach.

    I had to cut it in half just to fit my shower, so when I put it in place I had extra room for the shower.3 .

    A belt clip for attaching the curtain on the shower piece.

    The belt clip attaches to the front of the curtain so that it will stay on and is easy to slide down when I want to hang it.4 .

    A strip of paper towels for attaching it to the wall.

    The towel was actually just a strip of duct tape that I cut off.

    It attaches to my shower wall and helps to keep the curtain from getting damaged while I’m showering.5 .

    You’ll also need a piece of masking tape to attach the towel to the towel.

    Here I cut it down a bit so that a small piece of tape would go around the towel and the towel would go through the masking piece.6 .

    Finally, a towel brush to help you apply the mask on the towel, which makes the towel look great!7.

    Here you can see how the curtain sits against the wall when I was showering, and how it hangs down when the shower ends.8.

    Here we have the curtain in place and how the towel is attached to it.

    You will want to make sure that the towel you buy fits perfectly against the curtain, as the towel doesn’t go through it.9.

    Here it is hanging down when it is time to get ready for the day.

    It will stay attached to the walls until the next time I need to remove it, and it can be left hanging in place during the day too.10.

    I love how this is hanging in the bathroom!

    I didn’t have to make any adjustments for this project.11.

    I really like how the shower looks, especially when I’m wearing it.

    The shower is the main focal point of the bathroom, so if you have a mirror or wall mirror on your shower, it will look beautiful and will help to make it stand out from the rest of the room.12.

    Here a towel sitting on top when I am getting ready for a shower, but when I have finished showering it is still hanging in my bathroom.

    It makes it look more impressive and it helps keep the towel looking great.13.

    Here the towel hangs down with the curtains still attached