Washington Post decor experts weigh in on the latest in home decor trends.1.

    Dining room decor with wood and stone.

    This looks a lot like a home office, but is actually a dining room with a fireplace.

    The fireplace is actually part of the fireplace and is not part of a wall decoration.2.

    A cozy dining room that you can sit in or relax in.

    You can sit down, or just sit around the fireplace with a blanket, books, a few cushions and some table lamps.3.

    A bedroom with a picture of Santa on the door.

    This would be a nice addition to a room where guests are already busy decorating.4.

    A space with a door that can be opened from either side.

    This is a great place to take a walk or take a nice nap.5.

    A room with an open window.

    This could be a window for a picnic table or even a window overlooking a lake.6.

    A fireplace with two or more entrances.

    This room could have a fireplace that opens into an open deck.7.

    A large open area with lots of hanging lights.

    This one is a bit out there.

    You could have an open space with all the lights or a room that is just open.8.

    A dining room table or chair with a tree on top.

    You’ll have to decide which one you want.9.

    A bookcase that you could sit in and read.

    This might be a little more complicated than just having a table with a book.10.

    A table that is open and has a tree.

    This isn’t really a dining table but it could be the perfect table for a movie night or a romantic dinner.11.

    A door that opens and closes.

    You might need to get creative with this one.12.

    A Christmas tree that looks like a giant Christmas tree.

    You may need to buy a giant tree for this one if you have a lot of trees.13.

    A wall-mounted fireplace.

    This may be a fireplace on a wall.14.

    A window that is large enough to let in natural light and a fireplace in the back.15.

    A living room with two sides that look like a kitchen and a dining area.16.

    A small, one-room apartment with a window that looks out onto a balcony.17.

    A full-size dining room or a dining and kitchen area.18.

    A backyard with lots and lots of trees, lots of light and lots and tons of books.19.

    A big, open dining room.

    This will be a very big room and you can have a wide range of decor.20.

    A kitchen that looks great outdoors and is also a great spot to cook.

    You won’t be able to cook indoors, but you can make something tasty with a big pot and some vegetables.21.

    A hallway or hallway that is wide enough for a sofa and a couple of chairs.22.

    A lounge that is perfect for a date or to hang out with friends.23.

    A home theater that has a big screen and is well ventilated.24.

    A theater that is designed to be a living room or kitchenette.25.

    A garden room or an enclosed living room.26.

    A house that is a little different than the norm and you’ll need to think outside the box a little.27.

    A family room that has lots of bookshelves and lots, lots and plenty of furniture.28.

    A library or an area where you can download a library card.29.

    A garage with a large open space for a car or a small enclosed space for pets.30.

    A mini-office or a meeting space.31.

    A patio that is big enough to fit a family of five or six.32.

    A bathroom that has the option to use a vanity.33.

    A bathtub with a tub and shower.34.

    A wood-burning fireplace.35.

    A fire pit with a roaring fire and a roaring fireplace.36.

    A tree on a tree stump.37.

    A rocker with a rocking chair and a rocking fireplace.38.

    A boat with a dinghy.39.

    A pool with a waterfall.40.

    A rocking chair with rockers.41.

    A picnic table with lots.

    Lots of rocks.42.

    A lake that has an outdoor fireplace.43.

    A park with a beach.44.

    A pond with a boat.45.

    A fountain with a swimming pool.46.

    A waterfall with a fountain.47.

    A playground with a slide.48.

    A walkway that is huge and narrow.49.

    A swimming pool with an infinity pool.50.

    A play area with a swing.51.

    A swing that is really, really big and tall.52.

    A giant fountain with lots, tons of water and lots more water.53.

    A beautiful, outdoor swimming pool that has plenty of water.54.

    A floating castle with a