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    The word “cookie” has come to mean anything that resembles a cookie and most commonly comes in the form of cookie cutters, chocolate mousse and cake decorating.

    “People have been making cookies for centuries and it’s a very popular way to decorate,” says Linda T. Daley, owner of Cookie Cake Studio in Miami, Florida.

    “They’re great for birthday parties, Halloween parties, and for kids, especially.”

    With the increasing popularity of decorating cakes, cookies and chocolate muesli, cookie decorators are finding new ways to make a statement.

    “It’s really a matter of style,” says Daley.

    “We’ve definitely found a new way to say ‘cookie,’ but we have to be careful because there are a lot of people who think it’s just cookie decor.”

    For starters, cookie cutting kits are great for a more contemporary take on cookie decor, such as the cookie cutter made by Daley’s business.

    “The more we do this, the more I love it because I can get really creative with what I’m going to do with it,” she says.

    Daley adds that she loves that there are more options when it comes to decorating a cake because she doesn’t have to make every single one.

    “I don’t want to make one cake, I just want to be creative and see what the possibilities are,” she explains.

    When it comes down to it, Daley says the only way to get an accurate cookie cutter is to buy a cookie cutter online.

    “That’s a good way to do it,” Daley adds.

    While Daley is the only one making cookie cutting kits, other cookie decoraters in the industry are making their own cookies to try and give their clients a bit more of a cookie theme.

    “For me, I love making cookies, but it’s about using my cookies in a way that’s just the right color, just the perfect amount of chocolate, just so you know what I am talking about,” says Michelle C. Jones, who owns Cake & Pastries in Charlotte, North Carolina.

    “You have to find the cookie that’s going to fit in the right spot.”