When you’re looking for an outdoor shower for your kids, don’t expect to find a set of old bathtubs that are more suited to the kids you’ve just left home with.

    Instead, look to DIY solutions that can keep the kids cozy while still allowing them to use their own. 

    One of the simplest ways to do this is to get the kids out to the beach, and you can easily do this by turning their bathtub into a pool.

    You’ll need some kind of container, like a bucket or tub, a shallow water dish, a small table, and a big towel. 

    Then, you’ll need to set the tub on the table and get them all wet.

    Put the towel on top and hang the table down.

    The kids will be soaking in the hot water and the tub will feel like it’s swimming. 

    Next, you need to clean up the tub and remove any leftover food and soap from the bottom. 

    To make things easier, you could use a small sponge or some toothbrush to gently scrape up any excess soap or food. 

    Now, it’s time to attach the tub to the shower, or even the house.

    You can just use some sort of lint-free towel, but some people like to make sure that they’ve got some sort and lint filter to protect the tub from all the germs and other stuff that could be lurking in there. 

    So, you don’t want to have to do much of anything to the tub or the shower to keep the family together. 

    This is where a water bath comes in. 

    You can use your water bath to keep your kids warm and cozy while you’re away.

    It’ll also be a good way to clean the tub, especially when you’re out at the beach. 

    And it’ll keep the tub free of the filth and bacteria that could potentially be lurking inside.

    Here’s how to set up your own water bath: Start by setting up a large bucket, which you can fill with warm water, and then you’ll want to attach your bath to the side of the bucket. 

    Attach the bath to your house with a small towel or a small spongy surface.

    Then, put the towel and the water dish in the bucket and fill the bucket up with water.

    Now, fill the water bowl up with clean water and place it in the tub. 

    Make sure to attach it securely to the bathtub.

    You could use some kind or lint free towel, or a sponge. 

    Once the tub is full of water, turn on the heat.

    Then, add a bucket of water to the bottom of the tub so the tub feels hot.

    Add a towel or two, and set the water down.

    You may need to add some sort or lamp to help keep the heat in the bath. 

    Finally, turn off the heat, and let the kids bask in the warm water.

    This will help keep them cool while you go to the gym or get ready for the next workout. 

    The kids will get to enjoy their time together at home. 

    They won’t have to worry about the house getting too cold or their kids getting sick. 

    For more on how to make a water tub, check out our article on how easy it is to make your own indoor pool. 

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    This article has been updated to include a list of the most common indoor pool supplies.