A new video game titled “Aqua” is coming for Nintendo Switch, the company announced today.

    “Aquatic Kitty” is a new adventure game that will launch for the Nintendo Switch on October 16, the publisher said in a statement.

    Aqua Kitty is set in a virtual world, where characters from Aquatic Kitty’s world travel the globe to battle the undead and save the world.

    The game will include new elements, such as new weapons and abilities, new gameplay, and an updated art style.

    Players will be able to customize their own Aquatic Cats in “AQUATHENA,” the developer has said.

    The video game, which has not yet been announced, is the first game to be announced for Nintendo’s Switch console.

    It is being developed by a new team led by developer Asobabear, who also worked on “Aquinox,” “The Last Guardian,” and “Star Fox Zero.”

    Nintendo has not revealed a price or release date for the game.

    Nintendo’s “Aqours” series is one of the most popular and beloved anime series in Japan, and the series has received a wide range of merchandising and merchandizing collaborations.