The number of projects in the cabin decor industry has jumped almost 40 percent since 2009, according to data compiled by the National Cabin Manufacturers Association.

    The data also show a jump in the number of cabin decor companies.

    The industry was valued at $4.3 billion in 2016, according the association, which has a board of directors.

    The numbers are even more impressive when you factor in the companies that have folded or closed.

    About 5,500 companies are valued at more than $1.5 billion, according data compiled from research firms.

    Airlines, hotels, and retail chains have been shedding hundreds of jobs over the past few years, according at least one analyst.

    But with fewer companies able to turn a profit, the trend could accelerate. 

    Cabin decor, home decorators and decorating collectors group said the number one reason for the increase is the boom in new and growing projects.

    The average cost of a cabin decoration project in the first quarter of 2018 was $7,500, according NCCA. 

    “The industry is seeing an enormous surge in demand and demand is growing,” said David L. Smith, senior vice president of global brand management at NCCI. 

    The demand for cabin decor has exploded over the last five years, said John R. Bocchino, a consultant in the interior design and design industry.

    “They are looking to make more, to extend their designs, to add more details, to make it a little more unique,” he said.

    “The industry has exploded and I think it is only going to get bigger.” 

    The market is driven by consumers, but it is also driven by craftspeople and the design of new homes, according L.M. Smith.

    The market is becoming more and more about home decor and decorators are creating more and bigger projects.

    And there are plenty of examples of projects that are becoming more expensive as more homeowners choose to spend more money on the project. 

    Bocchinos, who has been designing, decorating and designing for more than 25 years, believes that cabin decor is just the beginning.

    He said that, for the first time, the industry is looking to expand into new markets. 

    There is an increasing trend of homeowners choosing to purchase the home they built.

    In 2018, only 3 percent of Americans bought their homes through a mortgage, according data compiled by Realtors.

    The number is down from the 3 percent in 2019 and from the 8 percent in 2020.

    But the number is up from just 1 percent in 2017 and 2 percent in 2008. 

    For some homeowners, it is a matter of spending more money, said Smith.

    “In the past, if you were a home buyer and you wanted to add a fireplace to your house, you would have to spend about $100,000.

    Now it’s more like $200,000,” he added. 

    Many of the projects that have increased in cost include new designs and a more sophisticated look. 

    Some homeowners have opted to upgrade their existing home to one that will take on the decor of their dreams, including a larger living area, a more spacious kitchen, and more room for entertaining. 

    Other home decor projects have increased significantly, like a new cabin for a family who had moved to the area and had to move. 

    With the current economic climate, it can be challenging for people to spend big on a project, but the trend toward higher quality projects is expected to continue, said Bocchanino.