A collection of holiday decorations around the globe is being sold on eBay.

    The listings on the online auction site say they are “in good condition and all were used by the family before Christmas”.

    “I have had my eye on a few different Christmas decorations since I was a kid but this is by far the best I have seen on the market,” one buyer, whose name has been changed, told ABC News.

    “It is a beautiful gift, with the perfect colours and details,” another seller added.

    “The design and materials are great, it is also very durable.

    The materials are in great condition and I love the idea of the card on the front of the box.”

    Another seller posted pictures of her own Christmas decorations, including a “Christmas tree” and a “garden room”.

    It was sold to a buyer from Italy, who bought the home decor from a friend.

    “I was really surprised when I saw the price on eBay,” she said.

    “When I read the pictures, I thought it was a little bit too high.

    It was the best Christmas I have ever seen.”‘

    It’s a beautiful idea’Christmas decor: How to buy and decorate the perfect Christmas tree, tree and treehouseThis Christmas, you’ll need to buy:The tree – A “treehouse” is a small, sturdy structure that can be hung from a tree or other sturdy objects.

    There are various types of treehouses, such as the one pictured, but the most popular is a “tree”.

    The seller of this Christmas tree has a suggestion for a treehouse:”It’s not for everyone, but it is so much more than a tree, it’s a perfect idea,” the seller wrote.

    “You can choose your colours, the design and the style.

    I’m also very happy with the look, because I think the house will be perfect for the family.”

    The decorators, some of whom are from the US, added that “it’s a lovely idea” and that they “love it”.

    The items were listed for $35,000 (£25,600) and were sold to buyers from the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany.

    “This is a perfect way to celebrate Christmas in your home,” the buyer said.

    “It’s beautiful, it has a beautiful design, and the decorators really loved the idea.”

    The seller also said the home’s “wonderful decoration” was from Australia.

    “From a simple Christmas tree and a beautiful, handcrafted Christmas tree to a beautiful treehouse, it was all a dream come true,” the listing read.

    “Thank you so much for this wonderful item.”

    “Christmas is a wonderful time to be alive, so if you’re thinking of buying a holiday decoration, be sure to check out our guide to holiday decorating for more ideas.”