AUSTIN, Texas — With the arrival of the Christmas season, it’s easy to forget that most people in the U.S. are still living in their parents’ basements, tucked away in closets and living out of sight.

    But for people like the family of John and Janice Smith, the new decorators have changed everything.

    The couple’s father, Jim, has become the owner of a popular accent decorator company called “Curtis”, which specializes in “customizing” home decor and making them “look good” in a wide variety of ways.

    “We’re looking at the homes of the country, and it’s the way they’re living, the way the kids are living, and the way we want to live,” Jim Smith said.

    “And we want the people around us to be the same.

    We’re going to make sure we get the accent to them that they want.”

    Jim Smith is the owner and founder of Curtis.

    He also is a licensed acupuncturist and home decorator.

    Curtises is located at 1650 N. Alamo Blvd., in downtown Austin, and offers a range of accents, from “realistic” accents to “flattering” accents.

    It has even offered to do “dancing” accents, which Jim Smith says are “like an accent teacher, just in a different way.”

    “I think the best way to describe it is to say, I think that’s a good way to say it, is a professional accent,” Jim said.

    “It’s not just a house, but a room.

    The way you dress, the things you do.

    It’s all about how you present the home, and I think Curtis is that person.”

    For Jim, it wasn’t just a business.

    He also wanted to make his home look beautiful, and he was determined to help other people like him make their homes a little more unique and interesting.

    Jim says Curtis is an ideal accent decorating company because of the variety of accents and the variety that you can get.

    When the couple’s parents were young, their mother would sit at the piano and play on a variety of instruments.

    She would even play the same songs on the radio and TV.

    After the family moved to Texas, she would play the guitar in a band and sing songs like “I Wish I Was There” on their stereo.

    “That’s what I wanted to do,” Jim says.

    “So I was kind of obsessed with the guitar, and we were obsessed with music.”

    Jim said that he began to realize how his own parents’ musical tastes might have influenced his own, and how music could be the foundation for his own home decorating.

    “Music really gave me a sense of who I am,” Jim explains.

    “That was what got me into it, was hearing songs in the car and being like, ‘Oh, I really can’t do that.'”

    When Curtis first opened its doors in 2014, Jim had already started to learn more about how Curtis accent decorates.

    He decided to put a few extra dollars into the business so he could get a bigger shop, which allowed him to hire more people to help out.

    Jim says his initial customers were people like his mother, who would show up at Curtis looking to get the best of Curtis’s decorating service.

    By the time Curtis opened its Austin location in 2017, Jim said it had doubled in size, and now has a staff of more than 30 people.

    Curtise also offers a wide range of products, including home decor, wall decor, flooring, and more.

    Jim says Curtis has helped him get rid of all the clutter that was in his family’s house, and has also provided a home with a new “wow factor.”

    “People are like, wow, it looks like a house,” Jim explained.

    “It looks like the kind of home that someone would buy.

    It looks like that person would buy.”