A Christmas mantell is a large, oval-shaped ornamental piece of furniture that is typically used for the decoration of the Christmas tree.

    The decorations are placed at the base of the mantel, usually at the bottom of the fireplace or in a corner of the home.

    In some churches, the decorations are hung in the church’s dining room and sometimes even the kitchen.

    In the early 1900s, however, the mantell became popular among many churchgoers as a way to decorate their homes.

    It is a decorative piece that gives the appearance of an old Christmas tree and is very popular among women.

    As Christmas decorations began to be more popular, a lot of mantel pieces were put up in the homes of men.

    The mantel is also known as the Christmas clock, the Christmas lamp, the Santa hat, or the Christmas candle.

    In this photograph from 1903, the church mantel decorated with candles in the dining room at St. Louis Church, where a number of mantels were placed in the Christmas home of Joseph and Mary Smith, the Smith family, who lived in the town of Moline, Illinois, in 1903.

    The church mantell decoration has changed over the years, and some of the most popular mantell decorations include:The Christmas mantels of the 1920s were often made from red oak and hung on the walls of the church, with a wooden cross.

    In 1931, the family of Joseph Smith bought a home in the small town of St. Joseph, Illinois and installed a large Christmas mantill ornament.

    In the home, the candles hung from the ceiling, and in the mantill, the candle holders hung from two long poles that were attached to a frame on the mantle.

    The mantel decoration became popular again in the 1940s, when the family moved to a new home and began adding decorations to the mantels.

    The Christmas mantells of this house, which are known as “the Smiths mantel,” are decorated with red oak, red cedar, and blue-and-white lights.

    The Christmas tree mantel that Joseph and Maria Smith placed on the floor of their home in St. Johns, Illinois.

    This mantell was hung in their dining room during the night, and its decorations were hung from a Christmas tree that hung from above.

    The home was also decorated with a mantel in the kitchen in the 1950s and a mantell that hung on a wall in the living room of the house, called “the Mary Smith mantel.”

    It is often known as a Christmas clock.

    In 2006, a family of six moved to Moline and installed mantel lights in the home and their mantel at the dining table.

    They also had a mantels mantel hanging on a shelf in the hall.

    The lights were hung on an orange tree that was hanging from the Christmas lights in their home.

    They had an electric Christmas tree in the back yard.

    In 2016, the Mary Smith family bought another home in Moline.

    This Christmas mantle was hung on one of the ceiling poles in the family’s dining area.

    The family decided to hang it in the basement because it had an electrical socket that went to the basement.

    The Mary Smith house had mantellights hanging on one ceiling pole.

    In 2017, a group of family members moved to New Jersey to purchase another home and installed Christmas lights at the mantles mantel.

    The family moved into the house in 2019 and installed the mantells mantel on the fireplace.

    The lights are hung on two lights hung from poles in front of the chimney.

    The chimney is connected to the fireplace by a metal rod that runs down to the bottom.

    In 2018, the couple placed a Christmas ornament on the front door of their house, with lights hung on poles in a closet in the front hallway.

    In 2017, the Joseph and Marguerite Smith family purchased a home that was next to the Joseph Smith house.

    The home was decorated with Christmas lights, but it also had an antique Christmas clock hanging on the wall.

    The clock is the same size as the mantlest in the Smiths house, and it also has a small Christmas tree ornament hanging from it.

    The Smiths family is famous for their mantels, and they are also known for the Christmas Christmas clock that hung above the manteln at their home for over 100 years.

    The Joseph and Emma Smiths had a Christmas mantela hanging on their mantell at the time of their death in 1902.

    It was later hung on another mantel above their manteln, and at the Smith’s funeral, the clock on the clock face of the old mantel was moved to the center of the funeral procession.

    The fireplace mantel with mantel light at the back of the room where the mantelfast was placed.