Why dress like an old lady?

    It’s a simple question to answer: you probably want to be as casual and laid back as possible.

    You’re probably a little nervous about getting to know someone on a date, and you might want to keep your clothes a bit tighter.

    But in order to have the best chance of being a happy couple, you should dress like one, a new study has found.

    Wedding guests are typically in a different place in the dating game, says Vanessa Trewin, a professor of marketing and consumer psychology at the University of California, Irvine.

    The best way to find someone who you like, and who would be the perfect match, is to dress like them.

    When you get to the party, you want to make sure you are comfortable and dressed in a way that shows you’re a happy, successful person.

    But you don’t have to wear a suit and tie to a wedding.

    If you’re wearing a jacket, a dress, or even a sweater, you could look like a new bride.

    Here are a few tips to help you dress like the bride:1.

    Use a veil2.

    Wear black3.

    Use sunglasses4.

    Wear shoes5.

    Take off your hat6.

    Put on a headband7.

    Put the hair up8.

    Wear sunglasses9.

    Take a picture10.

    Wear a head covering11.

    Be a little more approachable and friendly12.

    Keep it casual13.

    Wear makeup14.

    Keep your head covered15.

    Use the bride’s hair as a tie-dye source The Harvard Business Review article: What to wear to a cocktail party and when to wear it, by Vanessa Trewin, author of “The Bride” source Vice article: How to dress as a bride, by Stephanie Littman, author, “The Happy Bride”


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