Posted December 19, 2018 03:07:12Christmas tree decorations are back in full force this year and the latest Christmas decoration is the giant Christmas tree, with decorations that can be placed anywhere in the city of Santa Monica.

    The Santa Monica Christmas Tree is one of the largest in the United States and is located in Santa Monica, at the intersection of California Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard.

    Santa Monica’s Santa Monica Park, located at the base of Santa Maria Hill, features a 1.3 acre Santa Monica park, which is a park for Santa Monica City Council meetings.

    The park is open to the public and is open for the public to visit from December 1 through the end of January.

    There are also other public events that happen at the park such as Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica Art Museum, Santa Catalina Beach, and Santa Barbara Beach.

    The holiday decorations will continue to be available for purchase in Santa Catalinas stores until January 6.