The price of Christmas decorations varies widely from place to place in Spain.

    Here are some of the best deals we could find.

    How much is a Christmas tree worth in Spain?

    Most of the Christmas decorations you see on Christmas day are in Spain’s provinces, so if you live in the capital Madrid, it’s possible to rent a Christmas ornament.

    But what about in Barcelona?

    That’s the capital city where most of the decorations are made and is where you can find a good selection.

    Prices for a tree can range from €1,400 to €3,800.

    In some cases, you’ll be able to rent them for less than €500.

    Here’s what you need to know about the cost of Christmas trees in Spain: what to expect: How much does a Christmas display cost?

    In most cases, Christmas trees will cost around €1 a foot, according to the National Institute of Forestry (Iberoamericano de Estudios Arqueologias de Científica).

    However, the average price of a Christmas decoration is around €2,500, according the Spanish Institute of Architecture (IAC).

    If you rent a tree for €2 a foot or less, it is likely to be cheaper than buying it.

    You can expect to pay around €400 for a Christmas carol, according for example to the Spanish government.

    The same goes for a traditional Christmas tree, which will cost you around €900 to rent in some parts of the country.

    What to do with the Christmas ornament: There are a number of ways to dispose of your Christmas decorations.

    There are usually lots of ways that you can dispose of them, such as recycling them into the landfill, or throwing them away.

    But, depending on your region, some municipalities will also give you options.

    The Spanish government also has a recycling programme, so you can choose to donate your Christmas decoration to a local charity or give it to a charity for a local festival or event.

    What are the most expensive Christmas decorations?

    Christmas decorations in Spain tend to be the most costly, with an average of €2.4 million a year being spent on decorations.

    If you look at the number of decorations in a single town, you can also see that a Christmas decor can be quite expensive in certain areas, such a Barcelona.

    You’ll be looking at a €300 Christmas tree or a €2 million Christmas carols in Barcelona.

    Here is a list of the top 10 Christmas decorations that cost the most in Spain, according: Top 10 Christmas Decorations in Spain 1.

    Santo da Tijuca – €2million A large, traditional Christmas caroll in Santo Da Tijucas capital, Barcelona.

    It features a tree, decorated with a white, red, green and white snowflake.

    The tree has a length of around 3m (11ft) and a height of around 4m (15ft).

    This is the largest Christmas decoration in the country and has a diameter of almost 8m (25ft).

    The decoration was installed in 2001 and is one of the largest in Spain to date.


    The White Christmas Tree – €1.7million The most expensive decoration in Santu Dios (Barcelona), this tree has two branches and is decorated with white and red lights.

    The trees diameter is 7m (24ft).


    The Stairway to Heaven – €900,000 This large Christmas ornament has two vertical branches, and is a one-storey Christmas tree with a circumference of 5m (16ft).

    It is located in the centre of the town of Santu Da Tija and is the second largest Christmas tree in Spain after the White Christmas.

    The Christmas ornament is one the largest and most expensive in Spain and has an average cost of around €700,000.


    The Santa Claus Tree – £800,000 The most famous Christmas ornament in Spain is the Santa Claus ornament, which is decorated in a blue-green colour with a black Santa Claus.

    It is one-and-a-half storeys tall and features a red-and white Christmas tree.


    The Black Santa Claus – £500,000 A tree that is decorated only in white and black.

    This tree was installed by the National Assembly of Catalonia in the town square of Seville in 2002 and has been the subject of controversy.

    It was the most popular Christmas decoration among people in Seville.

    The decorations cost €300,000, according and has not been vandalised in almost 30 years.


    The Blue Christmas Tree With a diameter and length of 10m (32ft), this is the most famous of all the Christmas trees installed in Sevierville.

    The blue Christmas tree was placed in the churchyard of Seviville in 2000 and was the subject, of course, of controversy, after its installation.


    The Holiday Tree – around £300,00 This is one in the top ten Christmas decorations and is located on the side of a building in the old town of Se