There’s no shortage of Valentine’s day gifts for any lover of the festive season.

    But the best part is that you can also decorate these gifts to make them even more special.

    This Valentine’s Eve article by Gabbi Ben-Ari features 10 of the most romantic Valentine’s gift ideas.


    Valentine’s cake and ice cream decorated with rose petals.

     The rose petal decoration is a pretty sweet and whimsical idea, but it’s definitely a little too simple. 

    The cake also has a cute heart, which can be seen in the photo below. 


    Valentine candles decorated with roses.

    The rose candle is a popular gift idea, especially since the blossoms on the rose are so pretty. 

    It can also be decorated with a bouquet of rose petaled roses or just a simple rose decoration. 


    Valentine bouquet and rose petalled candles.

    If you’re going to give a rose petalling candle a bouffant, you’ll need to do some decoration work.

    The bouquet is made of rose-petalled candles, so the candles need to be decorated to match the flowers. 


    Valentine flower crown.

    A great way to make a very romantic Valentine gift is with a flower crown made of roses. 

    For example, this rose petaling candle is an easy way to put a little flower in the cake, which is a little bit of a romantic touch. 


    Valentine flowers with a candle holder.

    You can also use a candle as a centerpiece for this Valentine’s night.

    This rose petallic candle, which has a rose on it, is a romantic gift for the whole family. 


    Valentine cupcake. 

    A simple Valentine cupcakes are a cute way to get out of the cold and warm.

    This cake is made with rose-covered cupcakes, which adds a lovely romantic touch to the cake. 


    Valentine candle and rose flower petalled cake.

    This rose petallating candle is also a great way for a special night out.

    This bouquet can be decorated by making the rose petalflowers or just adding a bouquet of rose flowers.


    Valentine cake decorated with an old Christmas card.

    This is a simple Valentine’s cupcake that is decorated with the original Christmas card and a rose flower. 


    Valentine rose petallion. 

    Another Valentine’s candle gift idea is to decorat a rose-painted rose petaloft. 

    You can decorate the rose- petal motif with a rose decoration, which makes it even more romantic. 


    Valentine roses and rose flowers decorated with tulips.

    Want a Valentine’s treat for your family and friends?

    This rose flower decoration can be a great Valentine’s birthday gift. 

    This rose flower ornament can be done for a romantic dinner or even an elegant dinner. 

    Happy Valentine’s! 

    If you have any more Valentine’s gifts for your Valentine friends, be sure to share them with us on our Facebook page! 

    We’re always looking for new ideas for Valentine’s present ideas.

    You can also find more ideas in our blog, here. 

    Love your Valentine,


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