Posted March 07, 2019 11:50:00 The apartment at 1677 Gerrard St. in Toronto’s west end has long been a popular spot for Toronto residents to enjoy a few hours of outdoor entertainment, and on Tuesday evening, the outdoor area was filled with a crowd of friends and family who had come to watch the Leafs take on the Buffalo Sabres.

    On Friday, Toronto resident and avid Leafs fan, Matt, took to the outdoor patio at the apartment building to watch his team defeat the Boston Bruins.

    “I have been in this building for 15 years,” said Matt, a resident of the building who has been to every Leafs game.

    “I just want to watch them win the game, and I just want them to be able to stay here and enjoy the experience.”

    Matt, a 25-year-old Toronto resident, was visiting the building with his mother, who is also a Leafs fan.

    The three had come together to celebrate the Leafs victory.

    The balcony in the building, which is currently a closed structure, hosts many events for the neighbourhood.

    The area is also home to a number of local businesses, including a popular restaurant and bar.

    A couple of months ago, Matt and his mom went to the balcony to watch Leafs games on TV, which made the group of friends who were hanging out there excited.

    “When you get into the balcony and the patio, it’s so quiet and the view is so beautiful, and then it’s all about the hockey,” said Emily, who has lived in the neighbourhood for five years.

    “You can just see how close we are to the rink.

    It’s just beautiful.”

    The outdoor area is currently closed due to construction and renovations at the building.

    Emily, who was at the balcony watching Leafs games, said the patio was filled almost immediately after the Leafs defeated the Bruins.

    “We had a great time.

    Everyone was really happy,” Emily said.

    “There were a lot of smiles and good vibes coming from everyone.”

    Emily said she’s glad the patio has reopened, as the area was a busy place to see the Leafs play.

    “It’s good that it’s reopened, because we don’t have to walk around on the roof of the apartment,” she said.