We know we’re not the only ones who want a fresh look at our modern home, so we asked a group of us to pick our favorite fireplace decor idea.

    Read on to find out what we thought.


    Cottage fireplace design (via Football Italian)Cottage design is a big part of the house.

    The cottage design concept, with its open floor plan and small footprint, is a great way to change up a typical modern home.

    It also allows for the interior space to be smaller and less cluttered.

    This is especially true if you’re planning to add a patio, or maybe even a deck or a fireplace.

    This will also allow you to have a more relaxed home with less clutter and clutter in your living space.

    We’re partial to the simple cottage design because it doesn’t require much planning and allows for a more laid back, quiet home.


    Outdoor fireplace designThe outdoor fireplace is a staple in many homes.

    We love the simplicity of a simple but cozy fireplace that we can turn into a great living space or dining room, especially in summer.

    This makes the outdoor fireplace even more inviting to the whole family.

    If you have an extra deck or outdoor space that you want to use as your outdoor fireplace, you’ll want to consider using a large-scale design like this.

    If the fireplace design is the one you prefer, we recommend making sure it’s a traditional design because you can’t use the outside of the fireplace.


    Covered patio fireplace designWe’ve talked about this design many times before, but the idea is simple and elegant.

    The covered patio design is an ideal solution for a single-story house.

    It’s a great option if you don’t have a large patio that needs to be used for a dining room or backyard.

    The downside is that it will make your living area look a bit out of place in your house, but it’s worth it for this type of home.

    If your house is primarily a single story, you can use the covered patio instead.


    Miniature fireplace design(via Football italian)The miniature fireplace is another popular design that’s also great for single-family homes.

    Miniatures are great for large, open spaces, and the miniature allows for more space to open up and create a natural atmosphere.

    The problem with this design is that the size of the firewood can be a little bigger than the normal fireplace, which will make it difficult to decorate the fireplace properly.


    Mini-sink fireplace designThis is another common design, especially for larger homes.

    The mini-sinks can be used to decoratively hide areas of the main firewood.

    The design is simple, but will take up a lot of space in a traditional home.

    The upside is that there’s no need to use a big-box fireplace or a massive, big-scale fireplace because you’ll be able to easily decorate your home with mini-cushions and even mini-trees.


    Small-ish fireplace designFor smaller homes, we also recommend mini-furniture that can fit inside a tiny fireplace.

    The tiny-frye design is great for small rooms, such as a bathroom, kitchen, or living room.

    Smallish-fries are great if you have small bedrooms and need to create a more subdued space.


    Outdoor kitchen designThe Outdoor Kitchen is a good option for the homeowner who wants a more casual interior, but isn’t going to use the fireplace for cooking.

    This design is ideal for smaller rooms with small dining and/or entertaining areas.


    Open fireplace designWhen it comes to furnishing, we tend to lean towards the mini-and-sinker fireplace design because we don’t mind using the fireplace to light a small area of our living space, or even a small portion of the space in between.

    The fireplace is perfect for smaller spaces, so you can make use of the smaller area and still have a space that is more natural and less clutter.


    Mini grill designThe grill is a natural solution to cooking with a small footprint.

    A grill allows you to cook at the same time and without having to move the oven.

    It creates a more inviting space, and it will also save space in your kitchen.


    Mini fireplace designWith so many options for fireplace design, it’s difficult to choose just one.

    Here’s what we think are the best options for your next modern home design.


    Mini pool/bathroom designThe mini bath/pool is another option that will appeal to families and young children, especially if you want a simple and stylish design.

    This option allows for some extra space in the living area, while also providing a smaller footprint than a fireplace, so there’s not much to clutter up. 12.

    Mini mini-fireplace designFor families who are looking for a little more space, we love the mini mini-mike