The new decorative wall mirror designs have been unveiled at the City Hall in Dublin, where they were unveiled in the first phase of the ‘L’Arcadia’ project.

    Included in the installation is a large wooden sculpture of the Irish national flag which was created by local artist Joe McQuaid, as well as two large wooden mirrors.

    In the first stage of the project, the first of these mirrors will be placed in front of the building’s front doors.

    This mirrors will then be taken out of the water, placed on a flatbed truck and delivered to a Dublin City Hall contractor to be installed in the new wall.

    “There will be many different pieces and it will all be done in one piece and will be completed in a couple of months,” said Ms Dannigan.

    “So I think that’s really exciting because it is all about bringing people together and it’s all about sharing.”

    The project has been described as a joint effort between Dublin City Council, Dublin County Council, the National Gallery of Ireland and the Arts Council Ireland.

    It will be funded by €1 million of the city’s total €9.7 million budget for the new €100 million L’Arcadia.


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