Gurgaons’ infamous ‘Coke Fountain’ is no more.

    Gurgaon-based designer Ravi Kannan, whose colourful design inspired a whole generation of young designers in the city, has sold the Fountain House to the family of a former resident.

    Ravi Kanna, who is survived by his wife, Ritu Kanna , said he was saddened to see the Fountain house go.

    “It was a big dream to have a Fountain house in the Gurgaonic area.

    I am very sad to have it taken away from me.

    I have been living in Gurgaont, and the Fountain houses in Gwalior and Panchkula are my favourite,” he said.

    Kannan designed the Fountain and Fountain House in the 1960s, and it was one of his main projects.

    “I have always loved Gurgaonia, and wanted to bring the spirit of the city to a wider audience.

    The Fountain House is not the last Fountain house I have designed, but my biggest one, which is still in use today, will remain here.

    I want to show that Gurgaoni is a place where people come to drink and have fun.

    I hope people will be able to remember and appreciate it,” he added.”

    In the Gwaliors, people are very tolerant of different opinions.

    I love this city, and hope to inspire the next generation of designers and designers to create something new,” he concluded.