Posted November 29, 2018 05:07:00I was 12 years old when I got a birthday card.

    I was so excited to get my first Christmas decoration.

    It was a Halloween decoration from the Haunted House Company and it was a little bit scary.

    I had my sister give me some stickers for the decorations and I was scared, because I had never seen anything like that.

    I had a feeling that it was really cool and different from anything that I had ever seen.

    When I started doing it, it took me a little while to get used to, but I finally got a good feeling and started to get really excited.

    At the time, I didn’t think it was creepy.

    But it was scary to me.

    I could feel it inside me and it scared me.

    I was afraid that the clowns would come out of it and they would start hurting me.

    So, I went home and put on my best Halloween costume and started dressing up.

    The next day, I got home and my parents were at the door when I opened the door.

    My parents were looking at me like, “What are you doing?!”

    I told them, “Mom, I’m dressing up for Halloween.

    I’ve been wanting to do this for years.”

    They looked at me, like, and they were like, what?!

    They didn’t understand.

    They were like “Well, maybe you should get a little more experienced.”

    So, they let me wear my costume for the day.

    After I left, my mom got really upset because she was like, you can’t wear that costume at home!

    So, I took off my costume and got into the car with my sister.

    My sister was like “You have to go and buy some costumes.”

    So, my sister and I went to the mall and bought costumes.

    It was the best day ever.

    Then, I was home and it just started to hurt and I started getting so sick and I couldn’t sleep at night.

    I got really sick.

    We were at home and we couldn’t eat.

    That day, my parents started taking me to the hospital because I was sick and it really hurt me.

    After my mom and I left for the hospital, they started telling me, “You are going to get hurt.”

    My mom said, “Well I’m sorry but you have to do it.”

    I said, “”No.

    “I didn`t want to go home.

    She said, “(Don’t worry about it.)”

    They said, (I`m going to take you to the doctors.)”

    My mom was crying and I said to her, “If you don`t think you can do this, then I`m just going to do what I`ve always done.”

    She said I didn´t know what to do.

    I asked her, I said that I wasn`t going to be able to do anything.

    She said, I`ll do it for you, but you need to understand this.

    I`ve done it for years.

    I`d done it every year.

    I can do it now.

    My mom and dad said, ‘You need to do the surgery now, because it`s a big surgery.

    You need to wait.’

    “I didn`tt know what was happening, I thought, I don`ll be able do this.

    I didn´tt think so. “

    I`d go home with a scar,” my mom said.

    I didn´tt think so.

    I thought I could get the surgery, but my parents said, you need surgery now.

    As I got into surgery, my doctor came to me and said, �I don`ve seen any other kids like you who were able to get this done.

    Why don`re you doing it now?

    “I said, it`m because I`re a freak.

    I don’t want to die.

    I don’t have to die and my mom was like I don´t want my mom to die.”

    It took three days to get the full surgery done.

    I woke up the next morning and I had two holes in my back and a cut on my lip.

    During surgery, I told them I had to do more surgery because I wasn’t feeling so well.

    They said that was okay.

    I didn�t even realize it.

    My mom came out of surgery with her scar open and her lip open.

    It was amazing.

    My parents got up and left.

    I got to my house and my father said, my son said, don`trick me.

    He said, he just went to school and I`l be home in two weeks.

    By the time I got back home, I had three scar open on my back, one on my face, one