A man in his late 50s dressed as a clown in the Car Parade in New Delhi has become the latest person to go on the offensive.

    A paradegoer in Delhi’s famous Car Park on Wednesday had a field day in the parade and took off his mask, which had been covering his face, and wore it to the car park.

    “I felt embarrassed and wanted to do something about it.

    I felt like I was making a mockery of the people who dressed up in clown masks,” said the man, who asked not to be named.

    He said he was surprised that he was taking part in the event, which was held on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the Car Park’s first day of opening.

    “The people were dressed in traditional costumes and there were many people dressed in the clown outfits.

    I think it was quite funny,” he said.

    The car park was also closed off during the event.

    “It’s not just the car, it’s the entire country and the world,” said a local resident, who declined to be identified.

    “But it is just the way we dress, and we can’t stop it.

    It’s our culture,” the man said.

    Last year, a man in the western Indian city of Lucknow was arrested for making a clown mask and putting it on a car.