Here are the most popular shelves on Pinterest. 

    The top five shelf decor ideas for 2014. 


    Lawn Chair With Lid (Bumblebee) I love this simple chair with a lidded lid.

     The wood and leather accents are nice and unique, and the chair has a nice feel. 

    This chair is available at Target, Home Depot, and Amazon. 


    Garden Chair With Tablecloth (Frosty the Snowman) I love the flower bed that goes on top of the chair.

    This cozy garden chair has lots of storage space.


    Wallpaper Stand with Crayons (Tiny Tina) You can use this wall paper stand to keep the paper under wraps.

    The cushions are soft and the paint looks great.


    Coconut Table With Crayon (The Little Mermaid) This is a beautiful coconut table that can be easily customized to your needs.

    It has two drawers and a small, drawer-like tray for holding pencils and other supplies. 


    Carved Tree with Carved Tree (Beauty and the Beast) The tree has a lovely carved look to it, and I love the way the tree stands out against the landscape.

    I really like how the trunk extends out into the back.


    Tabletop with Cushions (Scooby-Doo) It’s hard to find a table with cushions in the woods, but these cushions look like a perfect addition to your tabletop.


    Towering Desk Chair (Hannah Montana) For a towery desk chair, this is a great choice.

    Tall, sturdy, and with lots of room to spare, this desk chair is perfect for a creative office or a conference room.8. 

    Chair With Potted Plant (Spiderman 2) A nice addition to a wood desk chair with lots to keep tidy.

    There’s no need for any decoration to make this chair stand out, but it has an elegant feel.


    Bookshelf Chair With Dining Table (G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra) When you buy a book shelf, you’re looking for a simple, elegant design that is functional.

    You want a chair that feels sturdy and sturdy enough to sit on.

    With this chair, it looks like a very sturdy chair. 


    Cardboard Chair With Wig (Star Wars: Return of the Jedi) There are lots of great looking cardboard chairs, and this one looks like it can be just as comfortable as the chairs in the movies.


    Sink Chair With Wooden Stool (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales) My favorite sink chair has wood that is nice and smooth.

    Here, I love that it has a removable stool.


    Mini Table With Tablecloths (Frozen)  I really love this mini table with a nice tablecloth on the side.

    In fact, I think it’s perfect for sitting in on a date.


    Wooden Table with Tablecloth (Wreck-It Ralph) If you want a cozy table, this wood table chair with wood accents is a perfect option.


    Portrait Wallpaper Stand (Tangled) Don’t let the decorator tell you this is an abstract style portrait.

    A perfect wallpaper stand can be built to hold up to 10″ of paper.


    Plastic Cupboard with Cupboard (Little Mermaid) This is a simple and modern cupboard.

    My personal favorite is the glass lid. 


    Canvas Wallpaper Chair  (Snow White and the Huntsman) This is another great way to add a little sparkle to your room.

    And the cupboard isn’t just for holding cups, either.


    Faux Woodland Wallpaper Stool with Lid (Beauty And The Beast) There’s a lot of room here.

    When I saw this wallpaper stool, I was surprised by how much space there was.


    Porcelain Stool With Lining  This porcelain stool with a lining is an awesome addition to any decor.


    Aluminum Wallpaper Throne  A very rustic, classic look for your dining table.


    Glass Wallpaper  Glass is a very versatile and elegant material, so it’s nice to have a decorative wallpaper chair that looks good in the dark.


    Lighting Lamp  If you’re going to decorate your room, a light is a must.


    Stair Lamp  A great addition to an existing lamp, this stair lamp


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