On Wednesday, ESPN’s Jemele Hill reported on “Basketball,” a popular late-night basketball show that takes place in a home, a sports bar, and a nightclub.

    “Basket case,” Hill wrote, “has been in the works for a while.

    The show is one of the more successful shows in the world, and the producers have made it so it will air on HBO.”

    The episode is the latest to air in a short while after the show’s initial broadcast, which was simulcast on HBO Go on Sunday.

    But it was Hill’s report that got people thinking.

    Here’s what we know about the episode so far.

    It was produced by HBO and directed by Mark Bomback, a longtime ESPN executive who also co-created “Bachelor in Paradise.”

    It was released last month, on June 17, just in time for Halloween.

    On Wednesday’s episode, two players, Trey Burke and Brandon Rush, pose for a photo with a child, who is sitting on a chair in a corner of the room.

    The two boys sit behind their mother, while a girl sits in front of them.

    They look at the child.

    Trey smiles and waves.

    “She’s so cute,” Trey says.

    The boy asks Trey, “Can I hug you?”

    Trey says, “Sure.”

    He looks at the girl.

    Trey and Brandon stare at each other.

    “I’m so proud of you, baby,” Trey blurts out.

    “It’s going to be okay,” Brandon says.

    “Yeah, I know, I’m going to hug you too.”

    The two children smile at each another.

    “We’re not going to have any problems,” Trey replies.

    He looks down at his lap.

    “That’s OK.”

    He smiles again.

    “No, you don’t have to hug me,” Brandon whispers.

    “Sorry, I just don’t feel like it,” Trey admits.

    He gets up and walks away.

    The girl looks up.

    “Is she okay?” the girl asks Brandon.

    “Yes,” Brandon replies.

    “Can you come over here and hug me too?”

    “No,” Brandon warns.

    The children sit and look at each others’ faces.

    The woman in the corner starts crying.

    Brandon and Trey look at her.

    Brandon says, in a calm voice, “It doesn’t matter, it’s fine.”

    “Oh my God, he’s okay,” the woman says.

    Trey, Brandon, and Amy stand in the middle of the bathroom.

    They are staring at eachother.

    Amy says, over and over again, “I think we need to do this again.”

    The scene then cuts to the children in the bathroom, who are still looking at eachanother.

    Amy asks Trey if he feels okay.

    Trey looks at her and says, I don’t think so.

    “Are you okay?” she asks.

    “Um, yeah, I think so,” he says.

    She looks at him and says to him, “Do you feel bad?”

    “I don’t know,” he replies.

    They sit and stare at one another.

    Then Amy says to Brandon, “Are there other children in here?”

    “Um,” Brandon hesitates, “Maybe?”

    “OK, I’ll let you know,” she says.

    Then she walks away and Trey and Amy look at oneanother.

    “What are we going to do now?”

    Amy asks Brandon and Brandon says to Trey, who says, We’re going to take a nap.

    “Trey then walks away from the two boys and Amy sits down.

    The ambulance is waiting for them in the hallway outside the bathroom and the boys and their mother wait outside. “

    You know,” Amy says “We could call the ambulance.”

    The ambulance is waiting for them in the hallway outside the bathroom and the boys and their mother wait outside.

    Amy and Brandon walk over to the ambulance.

    “Don’t touch that,” Amy warns the ambulance crew.

    “Let me know if you need to touch anything,” Brandon responds.

    Amy grabs Brandon by the arm and pulls him out of the ambulance and down the hall.

    The ambulance pulls up to the house, with Amy holding the boy and Brandon and Amy inside.

    The boys look at Amy, who’s holding Brandon’s arm.

    “Where are you going to put him?”

    Amy says.

    Amy walks up to Brandon and asks, “You’re going in?”

    Brandon nods.

    Amy pulls Brandon toward the bedroom and says.

    I want you to stay there for a little while.

    Amy holds Brandon’s arms out in front.

    “If you need anything, just come over.”

    The boy starts crying and Amy tells him, I want to talk to you about this.

    “Come over here,” Amy continues.

    “Put your arms on the bed.”

    Brandon asks Amy to take his arm, and she puts her arms on Brandon’s shoulders.

    “Hold him there for me,” Amy tells Brandon.

    The four boys sit on the beds and Amy says the following, “Don, put your hand on his neck.”

    Amy then says,


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