A bunch of photos are posted to Facebook, and it turns out they’re not the real deal.

    And the photographer who’s taking them is not actually from New York City.

    A photographer named Andrew Krasner has been posting his own pics online of his own farmhouse, and they’re quite a bit less inspiring.

    The pictures look like these:The farmhouse in question is in Virginia.

    Here’s what Andrew says:Andrew’s farmhouse is quite different from most farmhouses around here.

    This one has a lot more of the old barnwork, a lot of old stables, and there’s a lot less windows.

    Andrew’s photo is not of a traditional farmhouse.

    The barns are old, and the stables are new.

    This is not what I was expecting.

    The photos are more of a “classic farmhouse” look.

    That doesn’t mean that the farmhouse looks like it was built in the 1930s or 1940s.

    It looks like Andrew’s is a modern style.

    The barns in this picture look like they were designed in the 1920s.

    I would guess the barns were built in 1919 or 1920, and Andrew’s photos show barns built in 1917 or 1918.

    It’s a bit hard to tell in this image, but it looks like there’s no wood trim on the sides of the barn.

    The stables in this photo look like a typical horse stable.

    The horses are on stables and there are two stables.

    The stables aren’t very far apart, and you can see that the barn has windows.

    The windows are not very large, so it looks as if Andrew didn’t do any special work to keep the barn windows from falling down.

    Andrew also posted this photo of his home on Facebook.

    It shows a barn, a garage, a shed, and a barn door.

    This looks like a modern farmhouse with some modern features.

    The only thing missing is the barn door, and I can’t figure out how to find it.

    Andrew said that he went to a hardware store in his hometown of Huntington, West Virginia, and bought a few new barn doors.

    Andrew did say that he’s never actually used them, but he’s sure they’re very nice.

    He also posted a picture of a horse.

    It appears to be a black horse.

    Andrew’s farm looks like this, but this horse looks a bit different.

    Andrew has posted a couple of photos of horses in his feeder, and this horse is not one of them.

    Andrew posted this picture of his backyard, which he said was the size of a garage.

    This picture shows a backyard that’s smaller than the one pictured on his Facebook photo.

    This yard looks like something Andrew could use to hang some furniture.

    Andrew has also posted pictures of a fence that’s made of concrete and posts.

    This fence is also not of the same kind.

    Andrew said that this fence is “not real.”

    This fence, though, is of the type that is used for “golf courses.”

    Andrew has not posted any pictures of golf courses or anything like that, but I think this could be something like that.

    The pictures are quite a lot better than what you’d expect from Andrew Krauss.

    They’re clean, bright, and have a little bit of color.

    It doesn’t look like Andrew was using Photoshop to make these photos, and all the other photos on Andrew’s feed are of the quality you’d find in a real barn or farmhouse barn.

    The “traditional” farmhouse look is missing.

    Andrew posted a photo of a barn and a shed and then said that these are all of his barns, not of his farmhouse that he bought in Huntington, W.V. I’m sure this barn is actually his barn.

    Andrew also posted these two photos, of a shed in his backyard and a backyard door.

    The “traditional farmhouse farmhouse.”

    The pictures that Andrew posted on his feed were not from his barn or house.

    Andrew didn, in fact, buy a barn in Huntington.

    Instead, he bought a shed at the back of his house.

    That shed, he says, looks more like a shed than a barn.

    He has a barn that looks more or less like a traditional barn.

    He posted a post to Facebook that looked like this:The photo of the shed in Andrew’s backyard looks more a barn than anything else.

    This photo of an old shed looks like the one in Andrew Krakner’s photo.

    The two photos that Andrew shared on Facebook are of two barns.

    The one in the front of his shed and the one at the end of the yard look like barns from Andrew’s house.

    The front barn looks like an old barn with a door and barn doors, but the back barn looks a little like a barn with doors.

    Andrew claims that his barn looks more “modern” than most barns on his page, and he says that he is going to keep this barn. There