When it comes to decorating your baby room, you might be surprised to learn that many of the Christmas lights used in baby rooms around the world are not the real thing.

    In fact, most of the decorative lights used around the country are made out of recycled materials and the Christmas tree decorations are made from materials like pine and spruce.

    In the U.K., there are a number of different ways to decorate your home.

    Some homes use lights made of recycled cardboard, plastic bottles and even plastic water bottles.

    Others are made entirely from plastic or metal.

    For the most part, they use white Christmas lights with red and green Christmas lights on top.

    There are also decorative lights made from wood and other materials.

    The lights used on your baby’s bedroom can be decorated with many different types of decorations including Christmas lights,nameless ornaments, Christmas tree lights and other decorations.

    Here are some of the main types of Christmas lights in use in the U